Who Wants WCQ – USA v. Honduras?

Want to hang out and see some soccer?

World Cup qualifying gets is nearly upon us again, with the USA taking on Costa Rica on the road on June 3, and then a home match against Honduras on Saturday, June 6 in Chicago.  What’s at stake?  The chance to take a commanding lead in the final round of qualifiers and sew up that bid for South Africa 2010.

We will be in Chicago along with friends on the 6th, for all the festivities and hijinks.  The American Outlaws (of which we are proud members) are hosting pre-game and tailgate fun, as well as the postgame rally.  It’s always a good time at USA Soccer games; just check out the breakdown of our last epic  road trip, along with some videos.

Unfortunately, a co-worker and his wife who were set to accompany us have had to back out do to an unforeseen work conflict, and I bought one extra because my sister said she might go.  What’s it all mean?  If you want to come hang out with us in Chicago and go to the game, drop me a line!  I have three extra tickets.  Even if you’ve never been to a soccer match before, I virtually guarantee a good time.  We are staying up there Saturday night and there are still good deals to be had on priceline for hotels.  Give me a shout.


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