Sandia Peak Hike

If you’re ever in Albuquerque, the right turn would be a trip up the Sandia Tram to Sandia Peak.  It’s a 4,000 climb by tram, which means a temperature drop of 10-15 degrees.  At the top you’ll find a restaurant, and a number of trails leading to the crest of the peak (which also includes a gift and snack shop).
398602535_1380290255_0Yeah, yeah, the phone pics don’t do it justice.  And it’s not the absolute back-to-nature experience, but the 1.5 mile hike through woods and along the cliffs has some awesome views of the Rio Grande basin, and Manzano mountains.  You also get a decent little cardio workout at 10,000 feet.  The tram runs until sundown.  At the base of the mountain you can grab some good southwestern grub at Sandiago’s…


A walk on the mountain may not seem like a big deal to some folks, but for a flatlander like me it’s almost like a trip to the Smithsonian. 


When you’re traveling to a conference or in town on business, you can’t always see everything worth seeing.  In Albuquerque, Sandia Peak is worth a look.



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