A Soccer Day

Saturday was an official soccer day in Beemsville, starting with last-minute preparations for our trip north to Chicago for the World Cup Qualifier.  But before that, my daughter’s team had one last youth soccer game.

The Bandits have made some progress over the last few months, notably in advanced tactics such turning and going the right direction and actually passing it to someone open.  Yeah, someone should give that coach a raise…

After that it was northward to Chi-town.  The typical road construction, multiple stops, and general procrastination meant we were way behind in our pre-game plans.  Didn’t make the pre-pub and march to the stadium or the tailgate, which sucked.  I never fail to underestimate our ability to get around in a city like Chicago.  Of course we were heavily outnumbered at the game.  Hondurans made up, I would guess, about 70% of the crowd.  I read that a lot of folks planned or incorporated family reunions with this game; that’s how important it was to them.

And now a brief word about open seating sections and trying to hold seats.  First of all, don’t come up to people and wave your stub at them and say, “see I’m supposed to be here”.  That’s why it’s called ‘open seating’.  Second of all, don’t try to hold four seats with two guys for half-an-hour in a crowded section.  The former was a dick-move on the part of a young guy who’s lucky I’ve mellowed in recent years.  The latter was our fault (and the women for taking so damned long).  Suffice to say, I looked out over the abyss of possibly getting arrested and decided that no, I didn’t really need to beat this guy’s ass.  How magnanimous of me!  But you know who you are, douchebag-who-shoves-his-girlfriend-in-the-way-when-things-are-looking-rough, and next time you may not get so lucky.

As for the game, the U.S. once again conceded early, but this time came back strong and took the win.  They once again looked like a team short on organization and creativity that can nonetheless overpower most other squads from the region.  Good games by the fullbacks, Spector and Bornstein, and by Ricardo Clark in midfield.  It was great to see Benny Feilhaber return to action and look so poised and confident, and what a gutsy goal by Bocanegra on that diving header.

So Team America is one step closer to qualification, firmly in second behind Costa Rica.  Next up the Confederations Cup and a chance to match up with Italy, Brazil, and Egypt.  As usual, we had a fine time in the Windy City.


2 thoughts on “A Soccer Day

  1. Soccer rules!! Damn Hondurans!! I hope Nicaragua kicks their ass!!

    BTW, which country is Estados Unidos? I can’t find them on the map.

  2. I might need that soccer coach’s help with my 6-8 year old girls softball team. WOW,,, Nothing as much fun as youth sports… just don’t the crazy parents in the stands…

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