Carriage Shed Must Go

I never really considered this building a garage.  For one thing, the driveway doesn’t go all the way back.  For another, you can barely fit a vehicle in there.  It’s really a carriage shed from way, way back, and has pretty much been a storage shed since we moved in.  No matter.  As part of the relocation operation, it had to go, so there was my Saturday.

I started off following the playbook, tearing off the shingles so we could deplank the roof all proper like.  But after about 2 hours of shingle schlepping without the proper tools, I quickly decided this was for suckers.  A new plan, confirmed by my brother and his sage wisdom, called for knocking out header beams and the rear wall then using our awesome deltoids to push the building down by hand.  Hulk style.   Yes, the shed was that old and decrypt.

Tom’s arrival after lunch provided added muscle.  The building went down without much trouble.  Caught it all on video, and we hope to provide that stunning footage as soon as I can get Vista to behave for me.  After that, it was a matter of cutting up the chunks and depositing them in the dumpster.

Another victory – no injuries, minimal cost for labor.  Shout-outs to Tom and Michael for their help.  Tune in later for the video.

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