Moving Day One Week Out

Today the living room and dining room resemble the great warehouse from that legendary final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark:  boxes, boxes everywhere.  We are T-minus seven days from our big move to Beemsville’s new HQ.  The house is a little more than a mile away so the move really shouldn’t be that painful.  Still, any change of domicile is a major ordeal.

The big hurdles are mostly behind us.  A follow up on inspection issues, switching over utilities, and the reams of paperwork yet remain.  Still with the wife’s exceptional packing and organizing skills, I anticipate few problems with the actual physical movement of all our stuff (but egads do we have a lot of stuff!).

This is where you come in.  You know who you are, friends and family in the Central IL area.  Save the date for next Sunday, the 28th.  Free pizza and plenty of ribald humor and jokes of questionable taste.  Plus you get to see the new place.  Come on out and help us move our stuff.  It will be glorious!


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