HQ Relocated

Here’s the new worldwide Headquarters of Beemsville:

Home of Beemsville

Home of Beemsville

We are pretty excited about this place.  It’s about fifty (50!) years old with loads of space and coolness and potential.  Not too far from our old ‘hood, which means no major upheavals with daycare or work commutes.  Closing went off without a hitch, and we were lucky enough to get permission to move all our stuff in on Sunday.  This meant we could call upon friends and family to help us out without having to worry about trying to wrangle a mid-week move.

As moves go, this one was pretty smooth – even when accounting for the mountains and mountains of crap stuff for which we claim ownership.  The sweltering weather broke Sat. night, and Sunday was nice and breezy.  And our help was awesome.  At the peak of project relocation, we must have 16 people moving boxes and furniture!   We split into two crews:  one at the house and one at the storage unit.  Such efficiency!  And all I had to do was endure a few insults here and there and provide some pizza.  Thank you very much, to all those who came by to help!

Some more before/after pictures following the bump…

Of course there’s still many hours of organizing and unpacking ahead of us, but the main stress-inducers are past.  The kids are excited, the wife’s excited, and I am simply relieved…  And excited.  Stay tuned – more updates to come.

4 thoughts on “HQ Relocated

  1. Hey, it looks like there may be several truckloads of wood in the back of the yard: how did that get there? Did you employ co-workers in a slave-like position aggressively to move your wood and your LARPING gear?

  2. Great looking place. We are very happy for you guys. Have
    fun making it your new home. Sorry we couldn’t help with the move. Love Mom and Dad

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