Quick Review: Transformers 2

More than meets the eye?  Yeah… depends on your definition. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been (predictably) pummelled by the film intelligentsia in review after review.  It’s also hauled in a crapload of cash.  This leads to a couple of conclusions:

  • The big Hollywood Marketing Machine w0uld not allow this movie to fail (especially amidst this summer’s weakness)
  • Nobody really listens to the film critics (at least in summertime)

Simplistic?  Sure.  But the question you really have to ask yourself – what do you want out of your giant robot  FX extravaganza? What are your expectations.  Do you want character development, pithy dialogue, a plot that can stand up to more than cursory examination?  Do you want quiet moments?  Soulful expressions of affection between the Autobots and their military allies?  Well do ya, punk?

There are two reasons to see this film:

1) Robot Fu

Optimus takes it

Optimus takes it

2) Megan

looks good dirty...

looks good dirty...

Everything else is gravy.  So yeah, we can lament the downfall of the cinema and the preeminence of lowest common denominator entertainment, but that sort of misses the point.  If Paramount makes a major cash haul on this movie, maybe it helps them greenlight some obscure unconventional film by a quirky director we’ve never heard of.  Maybe it helps them take a chance on an actual non-sequel movie.

If you go into Transformers 2 with the right attitude it’s fun.  The action pieces and robot fighting are phenomenal.  There are plenty of slow-mo sequences of Ms. Fox running in her tanktop.  You can groan at the cheesy lines and cliches and play jump the plot-hole.  Also, John Torturro is pretty entertaining when he shows up, and there are some nice geeky moments for the true Transformers aficionado.  I appreciated the appearances of Jetfire and Devistator, which nearly offset the annoying little gangsta-wannabe autobots.  There are also a lot of nice recruiting shots for the U.S. Military, for which I’m sure they’re thankful.

I’d heard the movie was truly terrible, which isn’t the case.  It’s no Lawrence of Arabia but it’s not Battlefield Earth either.


2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Transformers 2

  1. Well said you Hollywood elitist.

    BY the way, I found a typo, unless you consider yourself a hacker: “The big Hollywood Marketing Machine w0uld not allow this movie to fail.” The word would.

    Fix it, and you owe me coffee, B.

  2. I’ll tell you what I want. I want a Transformers movie that is faithful to the story line and characters of the original toy line and cartoon. Not a stupid Michael Bay “reimagining” explosion a minute piece of garbage!

    I want the damn Transformers to LOOK LIKE Transformers. I want Bumblebee to be a friggin’ Volkswagon! I want the Dynobots! I want Soundwave to be a tape deck, or at least an iPod!!

    These movies should be a strict remake. Or at least if they’re going to keep “reimagining” things I loved from my childhood, they should at least let someone with an actual imagination do it, not Michael Bay!!

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