Gold Cup Group Stages – Pentagram

The group stages of the Gold Cup are finished, with Team America winning Group B after defeating Grenada and Honduras handily, then settling for a last-gasp tie against Haiti.  The quarterfinals will feature a host of familiar CONCACAF foes, with Panama up first next Saturday in Philly.  U.S. Coach Bob Bradley (aka Stoneface) has used a combination of young up-and-comers and veterans trying to prove they still belong in this round.  At this point, it’s all about finding those role-players and backups for the remainder of World Cup Qualifying and next summer’s South Africa roster.

It’s difficult to draw too many conclusions from games against tiny Grenada and a Honduran team that left it’s best players at home.  The Haiti game was a little more useful in that it showed a few guys who definitely aren’t ready as well as some who never were.  But everyone else is doing their analysis, so we will, too…

Stu Holden hushes the pro-Haiti crowd

Stu Holden hushes the pro-Haiti crowd

Five points in the Pentagram…

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