SD Comic-Con Stuff

No, we don’t have any live reports from the annual Comic-Con International in San Diego, the yearly media event wherein Hollywood courts Geek Nation like a sexy babe, rappers and rockstars release comic book tie-ins in hopes of resurrecting flagging careers or boosting CD sales, and Marvel and DC try to drum up excitement for their latest mega-crossover event.  This Con is huge, and by all accounts as well attended as ever, despite the current economic situation.  And thanks to the always entertaining G4 Network, reporting daily from the Con, you don’t have to be there to get a taste.

Now true Comic Book fans will tell you that there’s not enough about actual comics at the Con, which has arisen as a direct consequence of the success movies and TV shows driven by comics.  A fitting bit of irony there.  But just try googling Comic-Con for news and see how much of it is actually about, you know, comics.  Beemsville will wait to listen to several of the excellent comics podcasts to try to get the real scoop, but as always a few of the hundreds of press releases and announcements caught my interest.

We hope to be at the Chicago Con in a couple of weeks, as per usual, and it will be interesting to see if everyone spent all their marketing budget on San Diego.  But for now, here’s an excellent Inspector Gadget video in the spirit of the Con, courtesy of G4.

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