John Hughes – Don’t You Forget

With the passing of John Hughes yesterday, tributes, lists, and essays are cropping up all over the interwebs.  People more eloquent than me have penned their missives; I’ll just add to the general chorus of appreciation for a guy whose teen movies and comedies were an indelible part of growing up in the 80s.

So now, I bring you, in no particular order, Beemsville’s Top 5 John Hughes movies:

  •  The Breakfast Club (1985).  Well, duh… Your quintessential 80s teen movie.  Kids today know this film, know scenes and lines, even though they may not have actually watched the movie.  That’s how deeply this one permeates.
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986).  So awesome with the quotes, and the twisting and shouting, and Cameron in Egypt-land, and the evil Principal Rooney…
  • Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (1987).  Steve Martin is the ultimate straight man, while John Candy is at his peak here.  
  • Uncle Buck (1989).  Probably not on a lot of peoples’ lists, but I love this movie.  John Candy has a certain bumbling persistence and great chemistry with the two kids, and I had that car of his for awhile.
  • Vacation/Christmas Vacation (1983/1989).  Hughes wrote but did not direct these, so I’ll take a two for one here.  The freaking Griswolds.  Cousin Eddy.  Wallyworld.  All of it.  What more do you need? 

RIP John Hughes.  We will miss you.

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