NFL… Yawn

I kind of forgot the NFL season kicked off yesterday – at least for awhile.  Was busy fixing/repairing a broken swingset for the kids, and between multiple trips to the hardware store and then mowing/cursing at the lawnmower, the bulk of my afternoon was spent outside.  It was a fine day.  As I worked, I listened and participated in the kids’ make-believe time, which included adventures for Bullfrog-boy, Porcupine-man, Lava-Girl, and the Swing Princess.  It’s a fortunate family that has siblings who can play together and don’t need external entertainment.

I remembered football was on at about 5:30 and wondered if I’d missed the Bears.  No, they were the night game.  I still follow the Bears, more or less, which is to say I’ll watch them more often than not and follow their progress throughout the year.  So I tuned in and good lord what a blah-fest.  Not that it wasn’t a close game that went right down to the final minutes – no complaints there – but the constant commercials, the interminable commentator yapping, and yes, the borderline incompetence of the Bears and Packers’ offensive game-plans…

If I hadn’t been working on other things as I followed the game – doing a workout and the laundry and ironing – there’s no way I would have finished watching.  And it was a close game between two of the NFL’s oldest rivals.  I suppose tastes change over time, but was never a big NFL fan, and I find it less appealing all the time.  Still like football, still follow (and get disappointed) by my Illini, but there’s something to be said for a game that runs 90 minutes plus change, isn’t interrupted every five minutes for a commercial, and features constant flowing action.

One thought on “NFL… Yawn

  1. If Soccer was as popular as the NFL the games would take 4 hours and they would figure out a way to slow play in order to rake the massive revenues……

    By the way I remember you sitting on the floor of the house on Sunday afternoon being a DIE HARD bears fan….. so say you never followed it too much…

    So long live the NFL, the first game of the year should be a holiday.. (in my opinion)

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