Get Your Three Wolf Moon!

100% Badass

At this point, just about everyone has their own little anecdote about the transcendent awesomeness that is Three Wolf Moon t-shirt. ABC News ran a story, the New York Times, and now Beemsville.

I personally have a buddy/co-worker who was so ecstatic upon receiving his shirt he couldn’t stop talking about it.  His mother-in-law heard about his enthusiasm and created a custom Three Wolf Moon-inspired ornamental mirror which he now hides/displays proudly at the office.  Another co-worker claims that upon donning his Three Wolf Moon shirt certain male-specific dysfunctions were no longer an issue – much to his wife’s chagrin/relief.  (I don’t want to reveal this co-worker, but the initials are B.O….)

What I want and need to know is if anyone out there has seen a way to get the spectacular Three Wolf Moon on a polo shirt or similar men’s collared shirt.  There are certain situations that just require a collared shirt, and let’s just say I would pay good money for it.  So if anyone can help out with this, please hit me back.

Still wondering about Three Wolf Moon?  What – you live under a rock?  Here’s the Amazon product page – scroll down to the customer review from “Bee-Dot-Govern” that started it all.  And just to make complete, Youtube goodness:


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