The 300

Welcome to post #300 at Beemsville!  Seems like a good excuse to bust out the ol’ photoshop skills…



That’s a fair amount of blogging.  And unlike some, we’re not content to merely link to a youtube clip or some article or picture and offer a few snarky comments.  No, we bring you quality content*.  By category (and bearing in mind a single entry can and does often hit multiple categories), the most popular has been the ubiquitous Life in IL, followed closely by Reviews, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Soccer.

We’ve generated 370 (approved non-spam) comments.  We’re generating 35-40 views a day – a small but loyal following – and we’re cool with that.  At Beemsville you get about three posts per weeks, every other day with the occasional longer layoff or back-to-back entries.  Hey, no one can say we aren’t consistent.  As of Post 300, the most popular entry has been the youtube and photo compilation of our Epic Trip to Columbus for the World Cup Qualifier victory over Mexico.  Other popular entries are reviews of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and No Country for Old Men (probably because it has ‘Godzilla’ in the title).  One of my personal favorites is the blog entry that was the harbinger of doom for Governor Blago, exposing his controversial policies on mountain lions and rubes.

So long as the blog continues to be enjoyable, we will continue to bring our brand of quality* content to the masses.  Onward!  And stop by again soon.

*Results may vary based on your definition of quality


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