Go BSU Broncs!

They run the Statue-of-Liberty in a bowl game.  They win a lot of games (103 this decade, trailing only Oklahoma by one).  They play the spread how it was meant to played (are you watching, Coach Zook?).  They are the consummate BCS party-crashers and underdogs.  And, oh yeah, they play on the most hideous field in all of college football:

The Smurf Turf

The Smurf Turf

Hey, the colors are pretty familiar…  To this we add that they’re on the ESPN channels fairly often on Thursday/Saturday nights, so you can actually watch them.  How do they do it?  How do they recruit kids to Boise?  How do they roll up so many yards and points?  Here in the cradle of Big 10 ineptitude, inquiring minds want to know.  We do know one thing:  the BSU coaching staff figured out long ago that you have to score points to win.  It seems elementary, but our local team’s coaching staff still hasn’t figured that out.  BSU knows how to control the ball – by putting it in the endzone.

So Beemsville hereby adopts Boise State for the remainder of the season (see if that ain’t the kiss of death…).  Here’s hoping they manage to crash the BCS party and knock off one of the sacred cows.  Go Broncs!


3 thoughts on “Go BSU Broncs!

  1. Well Scott, you had to search for that one! Guess you have to be for someone since you can’t be true to your alma mater!!

    • You can be true to your alma mater and still question the results on the field. That said, rooting for BSU is bound to be more entertaining…

  2. I just want to know if that BSU loyalty will flow over into basketball season since we play BSU on December 5th……….. (I think) or is Scott just following a winner when he wants to too… Takes more guts to be a diehard fan of a loser than a winner.. 🙂

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