No Soup for WCQ TV

In a strange and annoying turn reminiscent of the mid-90s, US Soccer has managed to not have the second-to-last World Cup Qualifier broadcast tomorrow.  Oh, the game is available for viewing, via closed-circuit TV in a handful of bars across the country, but no pay-per-view, no web-cast, nada.  For me, this would mean a drive to Chicago if I really wanted to watch this game.  And I really want to watch this game – just not enough to spend six hours in the car.

It’s an important, vital match.  Win or tie and Team America is in the World Cup.  Lose and the last game against Costa Rica in D.C. next Wednesday becomes scary.  Just to review:  tomorrow I can watch Bahrain v. New Zealand or Denmark v. Sweden, or even freaking Liechtenstein v. Azerbaijan.  But no USA v. Honduras.

So I’m annoyed with US Soccer for cowtowing to the CONCACAF rules allowing away match TV rights to go to shady media companies that decide to use closed-circuit TV.  I’m annoyed that ESPN didn’t step up (although to be fair they have more programming than they can handle this weekend), and that Fox Soccer Channel or GolTV, or even Telemundo didn’t come through.  And, of course, I’ll be scouring around tomorrow night for word of some bootleg webcam feed.  Mostly, I’m disappointed that despite the general progress of soccer in this country, stuff like this can still happen.  As the man once said…


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