Hoops Season Pending

Mike D in the House

Mike D in the House

A quick look at the official website schedule tells us we only have 12 days until the first televised Fighting Illini Basketball exhibition game.  Two weeks after that we have the season opener against SIU-Edwardsville.  For Illini fans, hoops can’t get here soon enough.  We can officially turn our attention to the four heralded freshmen and the talented junior trio of Mike, Mike, and D-Mac.

The Illini are a top 20 kind of team but may not start the season in the polls as it has become fashionable to stock a lot of mid-majors there (a trend Beemsville wholly endorses BTW).  But win against the cupcakes and come into December with one or fewer losses, and the Orange & Blue will get some attention.  If the freshmen can produce and no major injuries befall us, the Illini should contend for the Big 10 – and the conference will be as tough as it’s been in many years.  For a detailed scrimmage report from earlier this year, check out the Rube’s analysis.  More preseason coverage of Coach Weber’s team will be forthcoming.  Turning briefly to…

…the football team: the less said/written the better.  They are not only victims of their own ineptitude, but of expectations and their own slick marketing team.  We were all led to believe the Zooker had these guys poised for a top tier conference season and a definite bowl game.  It’s not like the end of the Turner years, when everyone knew we barely had enough talent to win in I-AA.  This was going to be Juice’s swan-song, a fearsome offensive juggernaut with multiple weapons and HA HA HA OH GOD THE COMEDY…

If Illinois should manage to run the table (and you know what we mean) the Zooker is gone.  Even if he manages to win one or two more games, he should be gone.  But do we really want Ron Guenther making another football coach hire?  Anybody else wondering if Tim Brewster’s Illinois Loyalty is true Orange and Blue?


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