Ups for Sad on Vacation

Mark V. checked in with a heads-up on a new website featuring some of his youtube sketch comedy goodness.  It is Sad On Vacation (   They have three clips up so far and are ambitiously laying claim to a weekly update schedule.  That’s good enough for us.  We’ve been to a couple of shows written by and or featuring Mark, George and Co. up in Chi-town and their brand of comedy gets the official stamp of approval.  The clips include Developmentally Disabled James Bond, Hey Look at Me (much respect), and Brownie Gun.

Mark’s current show at the Annoyance Theater is Salem! the Musical (he’s directing).  Read this review of the show, then drop Mark a line and give him some schtick for his hilariously inane and self-important rationale for avoiding background research!  Not watching/reading The Crucible – what a tool…  But seriously.    Go see it next weekend if you’re in Chicago.

So check out our newest addition to the blogroll and bookmark it for the future.  Sad On Vacation.


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