Big Fun Halloween


It was one of those days, as a co-worker of mine would say, with the fun-meter pegged.  Start with the last soccer game of the year for the Sidekicks, which comes as something of a relief with the weather turning worse and several of my players losing interest.  The two little Beems had fun though, and that’s what matters.

Then we were off to Champaign for our only family football game against Michigan.  And what do you know – the Zooker’s boys showed up to play.  A great hustle play by Terry Hawthorne led to an old-style four-down goal-line stand, after which the Illini went on to dominate the third quarter and pull away from the Wolverines.  We could scarcely believe it.  The Orange and Blue looked like the team we thought they could be, at least for one day.

Had to miss the 4th Quarter (which was painful) to get the kiddos back to their Uncle’s house in time for Trick-or-Treating.  We let the kids choose their outfits this year, and in a decision that warmed my heart they both decided to be super-heroes.  After that, the Missuz and me donned our costumes and hung with my sis and pals in downtown C-U.  Dubstep on the prairie – who knew?  This year our ensemble was Mermaid-and-Shark, the beats were massive, and the beer was plenty cold.  The best costume seen at Cowboy Monkey, and the winner of their impromptu contest:  some dude dressed as the Monarch of Venture Brothers fame.

Check out the brief photo-album (follow link and click on ‘slideshow’), and drop us a line with your own Halloween news and stories.


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