Power of the Stache

Somehow, Beemsville ally Grubb neglected to properly promote his participation in the annual Robert Goulet Moustached American of the Year Awards Ceremony that took place in St. Louis over the weekend.  Nominees included Attorney General Eric Holder, Sully Sullenberger (a decent pilot), some baseball pitchers, and University of Illinois alum and CBS Sunday Morning humorist Bill Geist.

Geist filed a report in his trademark hardhitting style here.  Watch the clip and marvel at Grubb sporting the Hacksaw Jim Dugan-style stache on CBS.

In Beemsville, the power of the moustache has always been tempered by the preference of the missuz.  She’s not a fan of bristly kisses.  It probably doesn’t help that any attempts at facial hair by me end up looking more like a high school kid than Thomas Magnum.

At any rate, we’re glad the moustache is making a comeback and that Grubb has his support group down there, even if he can’t find the time to blog about so momentus an ocassion as ‘Stache Bash 2009.


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