Some Leaves and Stuff

A beautiful fall weekend, the likes of which we rarely see in November, meant a lot of time outside for the kids and a lot of leaves being bagged by the grown-ups.  There was also time for football, soccer, partying, and even some basketball.  But mostly it was the leaves.  With three big old trees in the yard, you just take it in stride…


53 Bags

Illinois’ offense looked competent and borderline good for the second straight week, scoring 35 points against the Gophers.  We’ve said all along the O&B would need 30+ points a game to win; too bad they waited until the season was halfway over to wake up.  Of course the competition has been less stringent after that brutal September, but how much do we attribute to more manageable foes, how much to the Offensive Coordinator finally getting it together, and how much to having a quarterback who can actually pick up blitzers and hit open receivers?  And we note that Minnesota made adjustments at halftime (and the Zooker did not) and nearly caught up after that terrible blocked punt, but Charest hit McGee on a crucial third down and Illinois got that final touchdown.  To their credit, the Illini never gave up on the season and still have the Illinois rivarly with Northwestern and a winnable home game against Fresno State.  Win those two and we’ll forgive some of the earlier crap…

The Chicago Fire booked their place in the Eastern Conference Final by scoring two Saturday night against an overmatched New England team.  They needed two to win and got both, the second coming courtesy of a heads-up play by Patrick Nyarko and a cool veteran finish by the ageless Blanco.  Watching on TV, I wished I would’ve been there.  It looked like an awesome atmosphere at Toyota Park, with all the banners, songs, flares, etc.  Now the Fire will face a surprising Real Salt Lake team in Chicago, a game they should be able to handle.  We’d like to go, but with all the recent travel watching at home is probably the wise choice.  The Fire will face the winnter of Houston and L.A. from the West with a win this weekend.  We’ve been saying an L.A.-Chicago MLS Cup Final – no reason to change the tune now.

Of course we were in Findlay Saturday night for the annual after-Halloween costume party at the Legion, which is why we couldn’t head for Chi-town.  Probably 75-85 folks there, with the vast majority decked out in a respectable array of costumes.  Good turnout, good fun, and worth the trip to the old homestead.  We noted several Roaring 20’s Flapper-girls, and a handful of 80’s themed outfits.  A crew dressed as the Simpons won the contest, and as usual, the scavenger hunt was rigged.  This was it for the mermaid-and-shark costume combo (sadly, especially for the mermaid portion), but the wife is already plotting for next year’s fun…

Sunday included recovery, a lot more leaves, and Illini pre-season hoops.  While finishing up the leaf-bagging for the front yard, we listened to Illinois v. Quincy University.  While we’re heartened by DJ Richardson’s 23 points and fellow freshman Brandon Paul’s early bounce and finishing, it’s somewhat of concern that the two Mikes combined for only eight field goal attempts and eleven rebounds.  Still, shot selection and ball management can be taught (especially by Coach Weber) but explosivness and off-the-dribble skills not so much.  We’ll go out on a limb and say that these Illini will not be held to less than 50 points like last year’s version on multiple nights, but with a tougher non-conference schedule and a a powerful-looking Big 10,  they may not get as many wins either.


3 thoughts on “Some Leaves and Stuff

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of leaves—bet you slept well last nite!! Enjoyed having you all here and looking forward to Thanksgiving! Great pictures–

  2. Enjoyed reading and looking at your pictures! Those trees make a lot of work but they are worth it. Thanks again for getting me on line. Glad you had a good time in Findlay

  3. Scott you are hereby recruited to rake leaves at my mom’s next fall. You won’t have to bag them there.. That is just a crazy amount of leaves…

    Can’t believe Michael can get into that 1992 Jersey…. Could be breath? 🙂

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