Aught Lists and Global Warming Update

Here’s a compilation of various best-of-the-decade lists for the aughts.  Somewhat amusing, and more proof that Americans prefer easy-to-imbibe lists and statistics to cool hard Vulcan logic any day of the week…



  • Onion AV’s Top 50 Movies: Many of these I agree with, many more I have not seen.  They list 50, so it’s pretty comprehensive.
  • Roger Ebert’s list: He says they’re on there because of the emotional impact they had on him, which is tough to argue with.  I need to see some of these yet, especially Hurt Locker.
  • Scifi Squad’s Movies List: A fairly good list of strictly sci-fi (I need to see a few of these films), and not nearly as bad as a lot of the lists out there.
  • AMC and John Scalzi’s Worst (Major) Sci-Fi Movies:  Scalzi is a good author and an OG sci-fi blogger; a good list, and unfortunately I’ve seen many of these…
  • Top 10 ‘Geek’ Movies:  I guess it’s promising that we the geeks get our list, right?  Newsarama with more power to the geeks!  Most of these are pretty much mainstream…


Other Stuff

And from the Beemsville Global Warming Newsdesk: it was -2 this morning when I left the house to run errands…


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