He is the Darkness

Last week the boy insisted his mother make a tag for him out of paper and scotch tape with the label, ‘DARK ARTIST’.  He wore this on his shirt for two days until it fell apart.  I didn’t think much of it until today, when he told us in complete earnestness, and without a hint of melodrama:

I am the Dark Side!

These Guys Need Help

Of course he later threatened to stink his enemies to death, which, while gruesome, does not fall into the realm of traditional Sith powers (at least to my knowledge).  It’s true that his Darth Vader shirt is currently the #1 wardrobe choice and that Modok is one of his favorites on Super Hero Squad.  Also, when playing with his sister of late, I’ve noticed that make-believe foes tend to die.  A lot.  On the plus side, maybe he’ll be ready to watch Dethklok with me sooner than anticipated.  As a negative, the Dark Arts and Dark Side are not to be trifled with.

Obviously his mother and I and the rest of the Jedi Council will need to monitor this situation closely.

3 thoughts on “He is the Darkness

  1. I’m going to try that out on my students today….”if you can’t be quiet I will stink you into silence”….what do you think??

  2. That is so funny…

    What channel and what time is this super hero squad on?

    By the way, Drew thinks Mario from Super Mario Bros. is the greatest thing EVER…..

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