Primary Tomorrow

The political winds have been blowing harder than ever tomorrow in Illinois as the Primary Election is nearly upon us.  After a couple of weeks of those fun attack ads, all the endorsements, the personal appearances (mostly up north, we’ll grant you), voters can begin exercising their democratic rights and Throw The Bums Out.

At stake we have the Governor’s Office, the U.S. Senate Seat of Burris/Obama, several U.S. Congressional posts, and a host of state offices.  More importantly for Illinois, we find ourselves in a deep financial crisis aided and abetted by the myopic kleptocratic politicians who are more interested in entitlements and re-election than effectively managing the state.

So, please, do take the time to vote in the Primary tomorrow.

We submit the following friendly guidance when choosing your particular candidate.  Check your local newspapers as well as the State-Journal Register, Chicago Tribune, and Daily Herald for the lowdown.  Illinois’ election bylaws are here.

  • Get rid of the incumbents. Unless you have ironclad personally validated reasoning to keep them.
  • Look for the candidate with ‘ethics reform’ chops. In the wake of recent events, a lot of these people are claiming to endorse ethics reform.  One good litmus test would be to learn their position on the recent legislation passed by the State:  do they claim this bill was too weak (and it was)?  If so, that’s your candidate.
  • Be wary of the Chicago Machine. Look, we’re not saying you shouldn’t vote for candidates just because they’re from Chicago.  That would be silly, and well, myopic.  I mean Chicago is a great city and we’ve had many great leaders from the northeast corner and…

Huh.  Now how did he get into the conversation.  Anyway, we shouldn’t just roundly condemn Chicago politicians because…

Strange.  Photo links seem to have a mind of their own here…

Well, technically, he grew up in the Kankakee area so…

Emil Jones has retired, but he did bequeath his seat to his son, which is completely reasonable (by his way of thinking).  Besides, don’t think he was every convicted of anything so…

Mayor Daley isn’t really our problem downstate anyway is he?  Is he?  Do you really think his policies could affect the rest of us in the state?

What was the last point I was trying to make again?


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