Random Wednesday

The primary is over and it looks like Quinn v. Brady for the Governor’s post.  If you’re counting, that’s a pair of longtime professional politicians, neither of which are likely to have many new ideas.  Expect possible recounts, at considerable expense and with excessive bureaucratic delays, as the Board of Elections attempts to deal with the close statistical proximity of Hynes and Dillard.  For the U.S. Senate seat, it looks like Giannoulias v. Kirk.

In other news, Illinois Football greets national signing day like grim Russians en route to the gulag.  It’s the weakest class since Ron Turner, and the Zooker has already been making noises about how ‘we didn’t need a lot anyway because our last two classes were so strong’.  OK.  I was hoping the new assistants could pull in a surprise or two, but it was not to be.  If the Illini don’t  manage to win some games next year, this could get extremely ugly.

And finally, a video pick:  Coraline. This movie is stop-motion animation by Henry Selick based on the Neil Gaiman graphic novel.  It’s the kind of weirdly creative fantastical tale that we just don’t see enough of in the current climate of paint-by-numbers screenplays being greenlit in Hollywood.  It’s also been nominated for the Best Animation Oscar. Coraline is scary and strange and definitely not for little kids, however….


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