Mondays in Winter

Winter continues to linger, as many have noted, and the State of Iowa is no exception.  Having just returned from Ames, where they have a couple of feet on the ground, and thinking about the Orlando area in sunny Florida preparing for a possible freeze and the poor bastards in the Northeast facing another big snowfall, I concluded that we in Central IL have gotten off relatively easy.  A couple of Monday thoughts…

  • Iowa has more hills than I would have thought.  Of course when you grow up where I did, anyplace seems to have more hills.  Ames seems like a pretty nice town, but you have to question the garbage burning facility right in the town’s center beside their (presumably) oldest city park.
  • With this weekend’s sterling display, the Fighting Illini are pressing hard for a prestigious NIT bid!  Once again Coach Weber’s motion offense becomes stagnant and predictable at the end of the year.  We’ve noted this the past three seasons.  Seems like coach might want to adapt his strategy a little.
  • A fun weekend of fellowship hosted by former SIU allies, Ben and Lisa, with Clint and Gillian along for wontons and shenanigans.  We feasted and told many tales, by Crom, and the children behaved themselves reasonably well.    If you’re in Indiana, you can catch a reading by Ben at Wabash College in Crawfordsville (March 2-3) or Purdue (March 4).
  • Listened to the U.S. Hockey game on the way home.  Sounded very exciting, and during the Olympics I always wonder why I don’t get into hockey a little more.  Probably just as well; I have enough distractions.  One observation – I think the U.S. Soccer Team should import the train whistle goal thingie for home games.
  • Speaking of U.S. Soccer, they play the Netherlands on Wednesday with the full (non-injured) A-Team.  A pivotal game for roster selection, and they’re debuting the new away kits.  I like this blue version and will probably buy one, but if the leaked photos of the all white-on-white home kit are correct, then ugh…  Why can’t Nike ever get it right with both kits?


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