A movie to watch for

As we sit and watch the Academy Awards (10 nominees for Best Picture – really?  That’s like inviting 96 teams to the NCAA tournament*…), it’s only natural to think about the cool movies you’ve seen or missed lately.  Thus we bring you this:

It looks like the kind of wacky horror Lovecraft would have despised.  Seriously.  At the same time, a contemporary revival of the Cthulhu Mythos on the big screen (or straight-to-video screen) has to start somewhere.  And The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu at least has some tongue-in-cheek to go with the nameless horrors.

There have been quite a few bad Lovecraft movie adaptations – maybe because his stories depend on the reader’s imagination to a great degree, which is something most movies cannot do.  So maybe the humor-meld is the way to go.  We’ll be looking for this one.

And speaking for horror, how about that Academy Awards tribute to horror with all the stock clips from 80 years of movies the Oscars crowd would rather ignore!

And speaking of horror, how about the Illin*i with a second straight home loss to make the case for their first NIT bid in nearly 15 years.  And was that your coach and star player going at it on the bench?  Was that the end of the team (and perhaps next year’s team’s ambitions)?  Could be.  We’ll say this about Bruce Weber’s Illini – they’re consistent.  Consistently predictable, so much so that by the end of the year all the other teams seem eager to scheme for and defeat what the orange and blue do.  Is this a testament to a)  lack of talent shored up by coaching that is finally exposed, or b) stubborn inability by the coaches to adapt and change (especially on offense) to the players as the season progresses?  You make the call.

*This is how we mix seemingly unrelated themes on the blog.


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