One Goal: RSA Parts 2 & 3

35 days and counting until the World Cup begins, and the documentary on the U.S. Soccer team’s Road to South Africa Parts 2 & 3 has been released on Youtube.  These two clips feature the road trip to Mexico City and the Azteca – a trip that would probably be fun, though I’m not sure I’m up for the danger factor.  As Grant Wahl says, one of these days we’re going to win down there and that will either be an awesome sight to behold in person or a horrifying one.  Part 3 takes us to Salt Lake City and the showdown with El Salvador.  This game was vital, and I remember feeling pretty shaky when we went down a goal in the beginning.

One thing you can’t appreciate in this clip is how many Salvadorians showed up at the stadium.  It’s one of the continuing laments that we can’t get a dominating pro-USA crowd for home games against regional rivals.  Another thing that does come through in this documentary is just how fun it is to go to these qualifiers in person.  We took some friends of friends with us to a game in Chicago – they didn’t know much about soccer – but they had a blast and told us they’d definitely go to another one.


One thought on “One Goal: RSA Parts 2 & 3

  1. Can’t wait for the World Cup!!!! And what happened with the travel compnay on your deal with them after La destruction oh d’anniversarie tripe?

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