We withdraw from the NBA draft

…You mean you didn’t hear that I’d thrown my name in for the NBA draft?  Yeah, I put my name in there, even though I still have some eligibility remaining.  Wanted to get some feedback on where I needed to focus my game, maybe get a workout or two.  Who knows, maybe I catch fire at one of these mini-camps and get some assurances, some guaranteed money.

Fighting Illini Seniors-to-be Demetri McCamey and Mike Davis had similar ideas, but they decided to come back to Champaign after hearing from the scouts.  Good for them, and good for Coach Weber and the Orange & Blue.  Now we just have to get past Michigan State and Purdue, neither of which are losing any impact players either, and also Ohio State who lose Evan Turner but have the conference’s best recruiting class.  Should be an exciting year for the Big 10.

What’s that?  My NBA feedback?  Well, I didn’t really get too much of it, if you can believe that.  Not a single workout.  Could be that I’m too short and way past my prime and don’t really play hoops anymore except on the PS3.  Their loss.  These guys got some feedback, though.

How much longer does the current early-entry rule last?  Probably until NBA Commissioner David Stern calls it quits.  If it were up to me I’d have them stay until their sophomore years, but for that to work you’d need a high school draft provision as well and no one wants to tackle that issue.  Status quo it is.

Go Illini!

One thought on “We withdraw from the NBA draft

  1. If you want to play in the NBA here are a few things you need to do….

    Learn to shoot with both hands. (especially your left hand)
    Learn to dribble..
    Learn to play defense…
    Be able to touch the backboard…
    Did I mention play defense…
    Did I mention pass…
    I could go on but I ran out of spa

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