3 Weeks from Today…

…the U.S. Soccer Team will kick off in the World Cup against England.  It’s coming up fast.  Coach Bob Bradley has the squad in camp in Princeton, NJ, and the coverage has been a pleasant surprise.  Daily updates via the US Soccer Youtube Channel, serious press coverage from major outlets, not to mention a host of bloggers.  It’ serious progress from two and three cycles ago, when you were lucky to get a daily press release as the team prepped for the tourney.

Our boys take on the Czech Republic next Tuesday and Turkey next Saturday in preparation, and it will of course be very interesting to see who plays and where.  Bradley has said he hopes to finalize his 23 after the Tuesday game.

Want a preview of the kind of skill, passion, and excitement the World Cup will bring?  Just check out the Champions League Final later today – probably the biggest club team final on the planet.  Should be easy to find as it’s being broadcast nationally on Fox.

For now, we leave you with One Goal: Road to South Africa parts 4&5, in which we follow the exploits of a hearty band of travelers on the road to Honduras for the second to last game in the Hex.  This was the game in which we clinched our World Cup berth, it was about a week after some major political upheaval in Honduras, and the Catcharos were looking to qualify for the first time in about 20 years.  A crazy scene for some soccer.  Someday I’d like to travel to some road games, but I think we’ll start small – a Caribbean road trip maybe?

And finally, if anyone has a link for a good printable World Cup TV schedule, please give me a shout.


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