Beemsville World Cup Picks advance out of their Groups.  They may be crazy, they could be homer-ish, they’re likely not based on any great measure of wisdom and analysis, but in less than 24 hours, the World Cup begins.  In all cases we’ll be rooting for the underdog and non-Euro team, mostly based on our general contrary nature and the general snideness of so many soccer pundits at home and abroad.  Here are the Beemsville Group picks:

Group A: Going with my gut that the hosts find a way, and respect for El Tri’s game.

  • Mexico – 1
  • South Africa – 2

Group B: Nigeria is a popular pick but we say quit dissing the Asian nations.

  • Argentina – 1
  • South Korea – 2

Group C: What, you expected something else?  Bob’s boys take 7 points…

  • USA – 1
  • England – 2

Group D: A very tough one to predict and Serbia could really end up spoiling everything.

  • Germany – 1
  • Ghana – 2

Group E: Wanted to pick Japan but couldn’t quite do it.  Four good teams here.

  • Netherlands – 1
  • Cameroon – 2

Group F: Hard not to pick the defending champs but they could well bomb out and ruin many brackets.

  • Italy – 1
  • Paraguay – 2

Group G: Portugal lose their heads and a chance of advancing.  Drogba still a factor.

  • Brazil – 1
  • Ivory Coast – 2

Group H: Would like to pick Honduras in the shocker, but just can’t.

  • Spain -1
  • Chile – 2

We will spare you our knockout round picks for now, but suffice to say they are equally provocative.  Let the Cup begin!


4 thoughts on “Beemsville World Cup Picks

  1. Come on put Portugal in there!
    Okay maybe you are right, but betting against Ronaldo might backfire!
    I hope it does not because i want you to be wrong because i am Portuguese!


  2. I think S.Africa will make it in. It’s obvious after today’s game they paid the refs off with that horrible offsides call that denied the Mexicans first goal.

  3. I agree correct call you need two players between the goal and the player.
    Most people believe its just one, because they assume the keeper never leave the goal. Most of the times that is not a problem but now and then it is…
    This one is one of those cases!

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