Lingering Sting

A week after the disappointing loss to Ghana, and the sting still lingers.  Especially after watching the Ghana-Uruguay game yesterday – the kind of clash that would’ve favored the U.S. style of play and intestinal fortitude.  You may have noticed how many teams have collapsed and capitulated when face with adversity.  England, Mexico, and most surprisingly, Brazil, all fall into this category.  I still believe the fatigue from chasing the Algeria game really hurt our team against Ghana.  Not as much as the decision to start Clark and Findley, though…

And yet with no Charlie Davies and a less-than-100% Oguchi Onyewu, the quarter-finals or semis were probably a bridge too far.  That said, and with the help of the Nike marketing team, let’s express our gratitude for Team America’s effort:

Speaking of Nike marketing, many have noted how the players featured in their high-dollar promotional campaign, Write the Future have sort of sucked or failed to show up for this World Cup.  Ronaldinho (cut before the tournament), Ribery, Rooney, Cannavaro, Drogba (broken elbow), and Ronaldo have all had the hex.  Soccer Wit Emeritus Dan Loney sums it up superbly here with  Zork the Future.  Definitely worth a look, especially if you remember the old text-based games of the 80’s and 90’s.

Finally, on the topic of poignant, humorous, and insightful, ESPN’s Bill Simmons (aka the Sports Guy) checks in with 20 Questions on the World Cup.  A great read…  Highly recommended.


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