Who’s Sad Now?

Are you sad the World Cup is nearly over?  At the very least we’ll have a first-time champion with either Spain or Holland.  And no one will be too sad to hear the last of the vuvuzelas.  The Germans are sad because the octopus was right, the Uruguayans are sad (even though they cheated to get there), and U.S. diehards are sad because a fully healthy team could’ve given the Dutch a better game.

I was on vacation last week and sad because my task was not relaxing or avoiding dangerous bus excursions but laying tile in the basement.  I worked at a slow pace, but I made up for it by being incompetent.  Yes, I was sad on vacation…

Meanwhile, the boys over at Sad on Vacation have a couple of newish sketch videos posted:

Hopefully this wasn’t the only thing they learned from their recent trip to L.A.


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