DC Memorable Moments

Over at Comics Should Be Good!, they’re compiling a list of the ’75 most memorable moments in DC Comics history’.  Like any good blog, they’re stretching this out over time, in chunks, and then they’ll have readers vote on a top ten a little later.  These moments  are one-page or sequential panel sequences.

Of course they’re trying to mix in events that are important to the DC universe, like origins, big reveals, etc., with more contemporary moments that today’s readers can recognize and recall.  Looking at the list so far, Action Comics #1 obviously stands out, because without Siegel and Shuster and Clark Kent, it’s all moot.  So many different creative types in comics, TV, movies, and literature have given their interpretation of the Superman origin – it remains such a cool idea and one of my favorites.  There are a few more origins there – Robin and Two-Face from Batman, Supergirl, Earth 2, and Darkseid.  Also a number of universe shaping events from over the years.

Since I’ve never been a huge reader of DC, a lot of these moments seemed familiar based on the context of certain characters and what I know about the history and continuity there – not from actually reading them.  But several in the current batch (they’re only about halfway through posting them) I can clearly recall having read:

  • #6 and #18 are from the original Batman-Ra’s Al Ghul saga by Denny O’Neil.  Don’t know how I happened upon this when I was a kid – probably at a friend’s house, but I do recall barechested Bats kicking ass here.
  • #11 and #27 are from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, one of my all-time favorites.  I remember reading my cousin, Greg’s copy in one night as a kid – he was pissed because that’s all I wanted to do.  The two moments in question are not even the most memorable from that book, however; although #11 (with the Joker) has been hotly debated between myself and other fellow geeks over the years.  I even taught the sequence in an Undergrad Lit course on Comics a few years back.
  • #16 and #25 are from Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Another great book; again, not the most memorable.  Maybe they’re holding out for the next batch.
  • #19 is from Planetary, a highly overrated series after the initial first run (issues 1-8 or so).  The thing about this big reveal is, of course, everyone reading the series had figured this out much earlier.
  • #20 – Clark Kent reveals his identity to Lois.  This gets mixed up with the movie, Superman 2, but I still remember looking at this somewhere and thinking – now what?
  • #22 is probably my favorite sequence from Batman Year One. It’s all Jim Gordon and what a great way to end a kick-ass series.  As noted, Christopher Nolan and company pretty much cribbed this word for word in Batman Begins.
  • #28 is from Neil Gaiman’s first Sandman arc.  This just cool and weird and the kind of sequence that makes you want to reread some Sandman.  Again.

Of course now I’m interested to see the next batch of moments and participate in the whole vote for the top ten.  If you have some geek chops, exercise them, head on over, and see for yourself.


3 thoughts on “DC Memorable Moments

  1. The Rube went and checked them all out. As with Mr. Beemsville, I didn’t read much of the DC fair growing up (mostly ’cause Mr. Beemsville wouldn’t let me). However, there were some pretty cool things in there and I particularly liked the Batman vs. Ra’sal’Ghul soccer match!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, one last thing…how come there isn’t any Justice League movie being seriously considered? They did more on TV with that than Marvel did with anything. In addition, we have Batman and Superman already with Green Lantern (my fave) just around the corner, throw out a “real” Aquaman, Flash and or Wonderwoman movie then throw us a bone with a Justic League flick!

    Marvel is tossing out movies left and right with X-Men, Wolverine, Spidey, Hulk, Iron-Man soon to be Thor and Captain American we’re going to be deluged with Marvel movies incuding and Avengers movie with reportedly all the above other than Spidey and the X-Yahoos in it, but with Hawkeye instead!

    Is DC going to miss the boat here, they’re already several years behind Marvel with “quality” super hero movies (the last Superman Sucked monkey spit), but the last Batman was frickin’ Awesome (like ninjas!) I refuse to mention the first go around with such mega stars playing Bats like Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney. The first Xmen was decent, but Wolverine and the x2 movies were average at best. The last Hulk was OK, but the frist was pretty close to monkey spit! Spidey has been decent although the last one was a bit over the top with Sandman and Venom! Of course Marvel also has the Fantastic Four Franchise out there too. Man imagine an ultimate Marvel movie that could encompass the Super Hero Secret Wars set of comics with the F4, X-Men, Spidey, Hulk, The Avengers etc.! That would be EPIC!! Wow I’m geeking out pretty hard here.

    Rube Out~

  3. Marvel couldn’t do a movie with both Captain america and the Human Torch….

    They cast the same actor in both parts… He would be really busy.. 🙂

    I loved comics growing up. Became a fan of the marvel universe and DC origins books with were like encyclopedias.

    I am more of a marvel guy too (except for BATMAN of course). I even have one complete series.. GI JOE in Marvel #1 to 255…… (spent too much time and money on e-bay) 🙂

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