MacFarlane’s Geek Chops

In the midst of geek culture month, with Entertainment Weekly basically devoting an issue to comic book media, the San Diego Comicon, and Olivia Munn’s new book, I found myself watching some Family Guy.

Now I’m not some gotta-watch-it-every- night acolyte (which would get me in trouble anyway), but I have seen most of the shows.  And, of course, one gag that never gets old is the random cut-away and/or appearance by historical figures, celebrities, and 80’s geek culture.  Series Overlord Seth MacFarlane doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, what with his entire episode riffs on Star Wars and Empire, but you still have to give him his props.

You listen to Megatron…

What God is up to…

Super Mario…




One thought on “MacFarlane’s Geek Chops

  1. The Rube just started watching Fmily guy and I have to say, there are some distrubing things in that show. No more than in Ren and Stympy or Beavis and Butthead, but sill. I will say the homage’s I’ve seen from the creator have been very funny and The Rube has enjoyed them.

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