Divisions and other drek

As nervous Illini fans prepare for the annual season-opening fiasco against Missouri, the Big 10 has announced the two divisions accompanying Nebraska’s entry into the conference.  Since we’re not sure what the hell to call these things, we call upon folks to get creative with the divisional names.

Division TPS Report

Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue and Indiana

Division PC Load Letter

Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota and Northwestern

The venerable one thinks this shakes out pretty well for the Illini, with Northwestern as the protected rivalry game (even though we can never seem to beat them) and guaranteed yearly games against Indiana and Purdue.  He also points out we play pretty well against the Buckeyes, even though they’re nearly always more talented.  Tupper  in Decatur pretty much agrees.

Me, I don’t know.  I think I’d rather swap places with Minnesota and play against the PC Load Letter teams, but that’s just a gut reaction.  In the end it won’t matter that much, but I am disappointed we will only see the likes of Iowa a couple of times a decade. Looking at the schedules, you get two cross-divisional teams rotating every two years.  This means it will be years before we see Nebraska – barring, that is, some sort of  strange pan-dimensional Big 10 Championship occurrence.

Speaking of the Big 10 Championship, all the pundits have been chattering about the possibility of OSU and Michigan meeting twice in a season on consecutive weekends to decide the title. Oooh!  Ahhh! It could happen (though not likely with Michigan’s current suck-factor).   But what about this: the possibility of Illinois winning Division Chuck and Northwestern winning Division Norris to set up the consecutive weekend scenario…  You think the marketing guys would like that?  You’d have to put them on suicide watch…  Similarly amusing scenarios could play out with the unglamorous Indiana-Purdue and Michigan State-Minnesota rivalries.

This is what all red-blooded fans should be secretly pulling for with that first football championship game.

Because it’s all about money and catapulting the likes of Nebraska, OSU, Penn State, etc. into the so-called BCS championship game anyway, which also makes me sore.  You see, we at Beemsville believe college football needs to go to a 16 team playoff with automatic qualifiers from the major conferences and at-large teams selected by a committee (just like basketball) for the rest.  Since such a scenario would likely detract from these cash-grab conference championship games and the Big 10’s cozy track to the BCS title game, the conference seems unlikely to support it.  And since the Big 10 carries major cache in any football playoff discussions, this becomes just another hurdle to overcome.  For us, anything that impedes the march towards a playoff system is a bad thing.


One thought on “Divisions and other drek

  1. To be honest a playoff may not be as far away as some people think. You want to see a playoff….root for Boise State this year. Put them in against tOSU or Alabama for a National Championship game….watch as 4-15 Broncos go down with career ending injuries as the BIG BOYS pound the snot out of them and you have a 65-10 drubbing forcing College Football to say…”you know what I think a tOSU vs. Alabama game would’ve been much more competetive and safe!”

    Because you see as we sit here and read this gibberish someone in the NCAA office is deciding whether or not Boise St. is going to get to play for the National Championship in January 2011. Don’t get me wrong Boise still has to do their part, beat Va. Tech on Monday, but if they can pull that off, with a pre-season #3 rank under their belt, they’ll only have to wade through such powers as La. Tech, Idaho, Nevada and a future Illini foe, Fresno St. Granted they have a game against Oregon St. who is currently ranked #24, but I’d bet donuts to dollars the Beavers aren’t by the time this game comes around.

    If Boise wasn’t enough take a look at Texas Christian University ranked #6 pre-season. They have it even better getting the aformentioned #24 Oregon St. Beavers on Monday then wrap up their schedule with New Mexico, Sand Diego St. and Utah, with a sprinkling of Colorado St. and Southern Methodist for good measure.

    So whats your point The Rube? Why so down on these small schools The Rube? Why don’t you like the “parody” in college football The Rube? Well I’m getting to that. You see there is a certain order to things that keeps the universe in check. Ok so it isn’t that serious, but how could a team be considered one of the best two teams in the country if they play, Southern Methodist and they are the 2nd or 3rd best team on its schedule. Why if Fresno State is your “gut check” game of the year would anyone EVER consider you one of the best two teams in the country. Here’s an idea. Have the Big 10, 12, SEC and even the ACC all leave an open spot in their conference for “guests” every year. That way the years that the Boise States or TCU’s of the world think they have the tiger by the tail so to speak they can go out to the Big House or down to the Red River. Let TCU get a taste of Joe Pa. in December in Happy Valley or see what a Cornhusker is up close an personal. How about checking in with Alabama in November or Florida, hey its nice down there then so weather shouldn’t be a factor!

    No you see, the problem is the same all over. When the Findlay Falcons won the state tournement in 1992 NOBODY considered them the best team in the state! For their size sure, I’d buy it. But, lets be honest what chance would anyone have given “Falcon Power,” a snowballs chance in Hades? against the twin towers of Chicago King that year, I mean come on Burger king was 7’3″ tall and over 320 pounds, I’m not sure Jello Smith could’ve eaten enough Jello to hang with “the King!”

    So we’re on the same wave length now. People can justify sending the Broncos and Horned Frogs to their doom, but whose going to pay the medical bills?!?!?!?

    BTW The Rube loves the realignment, got off on a tangent….sorry!

    Rube out~

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