Now Droid Enabled

Beemsville is now 100% Droid compatible, what with the wife’s new Droid X and the newly installed WordPress app for the phone.  So far I’ve noticed a synching issue with the app, but overall it seems pretty handy.  With the google voice rec software and a little hand editing I should be able to do short blogs from the phone without much trouble.

We went with the Droid X instead of the Droid II for the screen, thinking the oncreen keypad would suffice.  It’s not as good for text entry as a qwerty keypad, but the voice rec more than makes up for this.  So far we really like the android OS, and most of the apps we’ve tried  have worked.  We have everything from the barcode scanner, to a math quiz app for the girl, to daily Chuck Norris fun facts, to a nutrition tracker.  Since android is for and by Google and we are a Google-using family, we immediately had serious compatibility with most of our other platforms.

Battery life is something of a problem when using all the apps or heavy media use.  We’ve quickly learned not to leave home without the power cord.  Another complaint would be Verizon’s heavy-handed fees for enabling the mobile hotspot capability.  They hit you with another $15/month (plus additional for heavy data use) above and beyond the high fee you’re already paying for unlimited data use.  So, technically the unlimited data use is limited.  It’s a bummer, but having read and heard about the problems the phone companies are having with meeting smartphone data usage needs, not a surprise.

The best thing so far about the Droid has to be the geek factor.  It’s like Spock’s tri-corder – you’re very own customizable handheld computer.  Now if we could just get on track with the flying cars…


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