Vid Mix: Dying Bravely

Everyone can appreciate a good bit of video propaganda, especially one like this – the creation of a teenage dude with his tivo and the latest in affordable home editing software…  Especially in a World Cup year marked by such riveting melodrama…

Of course there’s nothing like some skillful editing to shape your recollections, but my theory that we’ve been routinely hosed pretty badly by the refs in this decade’s World Cups seems even more evident in Dying Bravely. The video also reinforces the fine lines between victory and defeat.  Torsten Frings arm in 2002, Reyna hitting the post in 2006, and all those chances against Ghana that could’ve gone in…

And yet this is why we love the game.


One thought on “Vid Mix: Dying Bravely

  1. In the words of the late great Harry Carey….”It might be… could be… is!!!!” another soccer post. AWESOME. How about something to do with the upcoming Illini/NIU matchup. I mean there are so many opportunities there. Illini could win 2 in a row for the first time in years. How about Schtickhose’s chances to improve on his last game. Maybe NIU playing wihtout their head coach. Speaking of that there has to be something there with their coach’s name…Kill…come on Beemsville, something original would be AWESOME!

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