Let the hacking begin

Most people who watch a little TV or listen to local radio will have noticed the political campaign ads have begun.  How quaint they are.  How droll.  And while it’s always amusing to see which side can capture the most awkward and embarrassing photos and video footage of the other, the actual content of the messages is barely informative and often downright insulting.

The politicians in Illinois (notoriously slow learners) have discerned the following from Blago’s last two successful campaigns:  raise vast sums of money to overwhelm your opponent with media, then promise a bunch of crap over and over and over.  Eventually the rubes will buy in.  The cycle starts again, and they head back to Springfield for more bilking and jiving.  Sure we’ve had impeachment, scandal, political gridlock (even though one party has a virtual stranglehold on the Capitol), and most importantly, $13 billion in debt.  The question is, will these Least Common Denominator ad tactics work again this time?

The answer – probably.  We have damned short attention spans when it comes to policies, budgets, and legislative platforms.  I know many people who don’t know and barely care about the problems of state government.  They can’t be bothered with the consequences of mid-term elections.

Yeah, it sucks that the local grade school had to cut pre-school and music…  Too bad about our state universities not receiving any funding…  Did you notice who got the contract on the new road and/or construction project?  That’s weird, aren’t they related to so-and-so…  But what ya gonna do?

Around Beemsville, we’re advocating a little research.  The interwebs have all sorts of information, and with handy tools like google and bing, you can find stuff fast!  Inform yourself.  Figure out which issues matter and who has a plan.  What do these idiots stand for?  What do they hope to gain?  You may find most of the candidates don’t really have a plan, or they’ve gone against or ignored past proposed plans (aka campaign promises).  In that case, if all else fails, just remember…

Throw the bums out!

Figure out who has the least Illinois government experience and go that route.  And for Crom’s sake don’t pay attention to the campaign ads for anything other than cheap laughs.


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