Urban Undead Shout Out

Urban Undead

Over at Beery Method, Nick has been busy with the design, illustration, and general creative goodness.  Everyone who knows Nick will agree that this time of year holds special appeal for much of his work, and right on cue he’s hosting an Urban Undead event with D-Structure San Francisco, this Friday, Oct. 2.  If you are Nor-Cal inclined, check it out on Facebook or via his blog.  The event will also launch Defiant Apparel, which will no doubt provide more quality weirdness.  Also looking forward to some views of the Pulp Street characters – parade-style muppet heads with gruesome wit and charm – perfect for October.

And next week brings the Legion of Doom Feat show, featuring Nick, Xavier Lopez, and Jesse Link.  One suspects this will be a busy month tor Beery Method.

I’m eager to acquire some custom T’s, but of course wary of explaining the nuances behind something like the ZOMBEAZY design to the wee ones here in Beemsville.  I suppose I will just have to bide my time patiently like the Great Old Ones before making my purchase…


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