Fall Reading List

Seems like I’ve been reading Shogun by James Clavell for ages, but hey- the book is like 900 pages.  Enjoying it quite a lot – review should be soon forthcoming.  After that we’ll move on to longtime ally Benjamin Percy’s The Wilding, which has garnered excellent reviews.  By most accounts, this book should both horrify and provoke the intellect, and if I know Ben (and I do), it will have some ambitious, hard-charging language as well.

Next it’s on to John Le Carre’s latest, Our Kind of Traitor. Have’t read a Le Carre book in some time (after devouring seven or eight quickly about ten years ago) but based on the buzz and the synopsis I’m looking forward to this one.  That will get me into winter, and by then I’ll probably be in the mood for something sci-fi/fantasy.  However, with The Walking Dead set to premier on AMC week after next, I may want to revisit Kirkman’s graphic novel series.  Last checked in around trade paperback #7, and to be honest, was starting to get tired of the lack of narrative momentum and higher-level plot ideas.

A short story collection could also be in order, and Dark Futures: Tales of Dystopian Science Fiction (edited by Jason Sizemore) looks promising.  Have also been meaning to look at the latest  Year’s Best Science Fiction, shepherded as ever by Gardner Dozois.

Drop me a line with other suggestions, if you dare.  It’s always nice to have options.


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