Some Numbers for the Week

  • 16,000 - the number of votes separating Quinn from Brady for Governor of Illinois out of $3.4 million cast.  If you’re a Republican you have to be frustrated with the margin.  How many of those ballots for Quinn were cast by dead people or were repeat-ballots in Democratic Machine strongholds?  It’s Illinois, so you never know and you never will.
  • Four – the number of Illinois counties Quinn carried in this election.  These include very slim margins in Alexander (Cairo), Jackson (Carbondale), and St. Clair (Metro East), and, oh yeah – Cook County…
  • 19 – the net gain for Republicans in State Legislative chambers (State Houses of Reps and State Senates) across the country.  A statistic you didn’t hear about Tuesday night, but one worth considering.  Before the election, Dems held majorities in about 60% of these state legislatures; now that number is 60% to the GOP.
  • $41 billion – current estimated total budget deficit for California ($19 billion), Illinois ($13 billion), and New York  ($9 billion).  Three states that have been firmly under Democratic control for at least a decade (yes, Arnold notwithstanding), and those deficits rise considerably if you take into consideration their state pension obligations.  Aren’t those entitlement programs grand?  And yet, in Illinois at least, the Dems maintain their stranglehold on state government…

And for a change of pace…

  • 19.4 million – the number of television viewers for the USA-Ghana World Cup match on a Saturday afternoon.
  • 14.8 million – average number of TV viewers for the recently completed World Series, in prime time.
  • 15 – Current total defense ranking for the Fighting Illini football team (last year they were 100+)
  • 11 + 18 – Offensive rebounds Illinois allowed to Div. II Lewis and Southern Indiana in two exhibition bball games.
  • 20 + 23 – Turnovers committed by the Illini in the two exhibition games.

3 thoughts on “Some Numbers for the Week

  1. Nice Mr. Beemsville. Funny I asked GrandmaRube (who used to sit on the election board in Shelby county) if someone carried all the counties outside Lake and Cook could they win? She said probably, but it’d be close! I guess the power of the people only works if you’re living inside of I-80!

    Let me drop some numbers on you Mr. BVille.

    123+…# of banks that have failed in 2009 (after stimulus help).
    9,000…# of banks that failed the last time we had a “depression” 1929-33.
    $200 million, amount of money this country is spending to send our President on his most recent trip!
    34…# of warships accompanying the Prez for his trip to India.
    60…# of 19.8 TV’s in the US tuned into the USA-Ghana World Cup match.
    14,799,940,…# of TV’s in San Francisco tuned into the W.Seris game.
    0…number of people who regularly read Beemsville who give a crap one way or the other about the last two numbers!

  2. Rube is in rare form tonight. I think you over estimated the number of U.S. TVs that watched the USA-Ghana World Cup match.


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