Pentagram: Shootout in Ann Arbor

This one’s going to sting for awhile.  Illinois’ 67-65 triple-overtime loss to Michigan was a stark reminder that they just aren’t quite a good team yet.  Close – like this game – but not quite.  Maybe the defensive unit had read too many complimentary reports about their turn-around and how much better they’ve been this year.  Maybe Coach Koenning’s scheme was a tad too passive and too concerned with preventing Denard Robinson from running.

The fact is, Michigan’s not very good either, and you have to beat them on day like that – especially with Robinson knocked out of the game.  The Illini made way too many mistakes, though, looking more like a reversion to previous Zook teams.  The coaching staff has about two weeks to right the ship before facing another spread offense in Northwestern.  Minnesota is just awful, so the Illini should become bowl-eligible this week.  But like many Illini fans, we’re sick and tired of losing to the Wildcats, and the whole Wrigley Field scenario will raise the stakes.  Until then, however, focus will shift to Coach Weber and the basketball team as they try to start strong and justify the pre-season hype.

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