BPC 2010

‘Tis the season for college football playoff hypotheticals,  and so we bring you the 2010 version of the Bowl Playoff Championship, brought to you by Beemsville.  Last year we laid out some of the rules for this system.  It’s very likely similar to many other playoff scenarios out there on the web – a sixteen team tourney with the final three games at the traditional championship bowl sites.  But just to review the setup…

  • Six automatic conference qualifiers, your champions  from the six current BCS conferences.  That would be SEC – Auburn, Pac 10 – Oregon, Big 10 – Wisconsin, Big 12 – Oklahoma, ACC – Virginia Tech, and Big East (cough, cough) – U Conn.
  • Two at-large conference qualifiers, the champions of the next two highest rated conferences.  This year that’s the Mountain West – TCU, and the WAC – Nevada.  Some years you might get a  Conference USA or MAC team in here.
  • Eight at-large teams, selected from the remaining highest rated teams using the BCS formula.  No limits on the number of entries from a conference.  This year your at-large teams are Stanford, Ohio State, Arkansas, Michigan State, Boise State, LSU, Missouri, and Oklahoma State.
  • Teams are seeded according to BCS formula. #1 to #16 based on relative ranking.  Higher seeds host the first round; highest surviving seeds then host the second round.  Bye week over Christmas.
  • Semi-finals and the final rotate between the four BCS bowl sites. Jan. 1 is your semi-final date.  This year the Fiesta Bowl gets the championship on Jan. 11.

So how does the BPC stack up this year?  Have a look:

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