Shootout at the Hall Report

Longtime Beemsville ally and one-time power forward, Rick, checks in with this report from the annual Shootout at the Hall in Champaign.  He took in a number of high school games, watching future Illini and recruiting targets during the day.  His analysis, colored as it is by his power-forward mentality (do all the hard work rebounding and on D, but never get the ball from the guards when you want it), is nonetheless a welcome addition…

Larry Austin Jr. was the real deal but most of his 14 + points came from being in the right place at the right time.  He had 2 outstanding 5’8” point guards that broke the press down well and distributed.  Granted he had to be hustling to get in the right spots.  He also got popped in the mouth at one point, and the coach immediately put him back in.  Played about the most minutes on the team.

Max Bieldfelt is a big strong boy that knows how to get position and finish.  It seemed like everything he threw up went in.  There was a lot of time when he and Nanna Egwu were not on the floor together and when they were another 6’7” kid from PND was guarding Nana and vice versa.  Don’t know if he is a BIG TEN power forward as he isn’t quick enough to be a 3 but he understands the game and physically knows how to play it. Continue reading