Lame Duck Limps On

So We the People get our tax cut extensions (i.e., no tax increase) next year, and the unemployed get another benefit extension.  Both sides claim they were screwed.  America tunes back in to the Sing-Off  and whatever else, and the lame duck congress plods on.  Did you notice?

  • Hey, we’re hostages! Depending on who you listen to,  the middle class was being held in a dark room, praying the Bush Tax Cuts don’t expire.  What a bunch of posturing flim-flam. How many of us would support a small tax increase, provided it was uniform across the board, to address the monstrous deficit.  We would around here, but here’s our caveat:  whatever percentage you increase my taxes, you cut that same percentage from the government budget. Yeah, we don’t see that happening either.
  • Omnibus Pork Package! Were you paying attention to the grotesque spending bill that was halted lasted week?  The one chock full of the kind of earmarks, pork, and political kickbacks for which this session of Congress will be fondly remembered?  Fortunately, it didn’t make it through, but the audacity of these legislators (many of whom are retiring or were voted out) to try the same crooked caper.  It was another huge 11th hour package that no one could have read.  A lot like the Health Care legislation.  The Tea Party groups deserve some credit for stopping this latest pork-fest if for no other reason than their platform has forced a little tiny bit of accountability back into the equation.
  • Why do these losers get to do anything, anyway? Sure, I understand why you needed two months to get everyone to D.C. and sworn in 200 years ago – maybe even 100 years ago.  But why, with a November election do you not have your new Congress in place by the beginning of December?  Logistically we can certainly do it.  Think of the UPS commercials.  Yeah, this will never happen, but why allow the lame duck sessions to begin with?  Get the losers out, get the new guys in, and get on with it.  The last thing we need is congressmen with even less accountability writing laws after they’ve already been fired.  Name us another profession where you get your walking papers and you hang around for two months to do more damage…