Pentagram: Two in a Row

Congratulations to the Missouri Tiggers – you proved yourself less inept than the Illini in a battle of vastly overrated basketball teams.  With the game winding down, you finally made a layup or two.  Then the refs made sure of it with the inevitable intentional foul and follow up technical.  Am I the only one who wishes the boys would have just gone for it?  Put in the aggressive press-break that led to lay-ups and dunks two years ago – damn the torpedoes and let’s play this one in the 90s?

Merry Christmas, Illini Fans!  Let’s get pumped for the Texas Bowl!

One comment about the annual Braggin’ Rights game from someone who hasn’t missed one in eleven years:  at one time Mizzou fans may have slightly outnumbered the orange-clad, but the last four or five years it’s Illini fans who show up in greater numbers.  We sat on the Mizzou side this year and there were numerous orange-clads in the sections around us.  Compare that to the Illini sections across the way, which were solid orange.  Don’t know why KMOX and various newspapers perpetuate the myth this game is a Missouri lean (but we can guess), but since the middle of the streak of the aughts, the Tigger faithful don’t turn out in strength.

Five points in your two-loss-in-a-row pentagram: Continue reading