2010 Faves

2010 is over and the year-end retrospectives are thick on the interwebs.  Not to miss out, Beemsville presents some favorites of the year in no particular order.

Fave Book: House of Chains by Steven Erikson.  This is the 4th book in the Malazan series and certainly worthy of the epic descriptor.  HofC features Karsa Orlong, one of the most formidable and memorable characters in years.  Favorite book actually published in 2010 would be Ben Percy’s, The Wilding.

Political Faves: The pivot towards addressing the nation’s spiraling debt – whether brought about by noisy outsiders and an angry mid-term election, the continuing trouble economy, failed policies – is our favorite.  It’s past time the debt-spending ratios were front-and-center in Washington.  Least favorite in politics:  the fact that the entire Blagojevich fiasco seems to have had no discernible effect on the Illinois political landscape.

Fave Sports Moment: Could there be any doubt?  This is up there on the all-time list.

Least favorite would also be soccer and World Cup themed:  with FIFA awarding the 2022 tournament to Qatar over the U.S.

Fave Illini Moment: This one was easy, too.  We attended the (hopefully) annual Chief ceremony at the Hall back in October and the kids got a photo.  Also present for a photo op was one of our all-time hoops faves, Kenny Battle.

Least favorite Illini moment:  so many to choose from…  The NIT appearance and final bball loss, the continuing struggles against Mizzou, the anemic football endings against Minnesota and Fresno State.  But we’ll go with the OT loss to Michigan in Ann Arbor, which hurt the defensive psyche and set the stage for more late season losses.

Movie Faves: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is an easy choice.  Loved everything about that movie, except the weekend they chose to release it and the marketing campaign.  Favorite family/kids movie would be How to Train Your Dragon. The kids would agree.

TV Faves: Walking Dead edged out Rubicon for top honors, despite the limited number of episodes.  Both of these shows from AMC…  Conincidence?  Walking Dead took the comic book concept and improved upon a couple of troubling aspects of the book – not an easy task.  On the comedy front, the current season of Venture Brothers gets the nod, although we must give special mention to the Robot Chicken – Star Wars Episode III show.  Venture Brothers continues to provide  all kinds of laughs, and the episode “Everybody Comes to Hanks”, with it’s hard-boiled film noir send-up, had me in tears.

Definitive Favorite: Had a great time at the Class Reunion this summer.  The new school for our daughter has been awesome.  But the best of the year also had origins in the most frightening.  These few seconds I continue to see clearly and will likely be with me the rest of my life. Just after our Dominican bus crash, with the glass everywhere and people moaning, I pulled myself up and looked over to see my wife was OK.  She was moving, she was alert, and she was only a little bit bloody.  At that moment I felt we’d be OK.  It’s hard to describe the relief I felt right then.  Something like that stays with you, gives you some perspective.

Happy New Year from Beemsville.

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