Vacation Planner

Nothing like a couple of weeks of sub-freezing weather and snow to put a vacation in mind.  Some place warm and pleasant…  Some place with all-ages family entertainment…  A location with decent weather of the warmer variety… And  we have such a place in mind, have even designated our timeframe.  Of course by then the weather should be considerably better around here, and who knows how high the gas prices may climb.

Therein lies the danger.  When you have young kids and vacation time rolls around, you want to maximize the fun factor and get the most out of your hard-earned money.  Your inner-Clark Griswold rises to the fore, and you have to fight the urge to plan every last detail within the frame of your own personal definition of vacation fun.  You have to think about the others.  You have to remember:  it’s supposed to be fun!  You have to try and avoid worrying too much about the expense – because what’s the fun in that?  You can’t feel guilty about taking a vacation in these troubled economic times.  Hey, you’re feeding the economy and you’ve certainly earned it…

Most importantly, you have to fight your instinctive urges to couch the journey in the trappinsg of a wagon train or cattle drive or sea expedition and avoid that ‘onward or else!’ mentality.

Ahh,  vacations…

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