Strange Budgetary Allies

Should someone decide to move Watson away from Jeopardy towards analyzing the federal budget, they could do a lot worse than this little tool right here. Yes, it’s the You fix the budget’ puzzle tool, brought to you by the New York Times and lauded by Glenn Beck  on his TV show.  Now we’re not big fans of either media entity, and the oddball factor of these two unlikely budgetary allies is certainly not lost on us…

But what Beck and the NYT both seem to be indicating is something written about here at Beemsville quite recently:  If you want to make headway on the deficit, start cutting the Big Three – Military, Medicare/Medicaid, and Social Security.  Don’t believe us?  Try messing around with the puzzle tool yourself.  

Not coincidentally, the topic of cuts to the Big Three has been largely absent from the budget rhetoric of both President Obama and the Republican leadership.  They want to talk about piddly little cuts in the mere billions.  It makes you wonder…  If folks as far apart on the ideological spectrum as Glenn Beck and the Old Gray Lady can acknowledge the necessity this kind of thinking, why can’t our political leaders in Washington?

Is this so frightening to elected officials?  So potentially unpopular?  Are they hoping we will all just forget about it and go back to American Idol and the latest major sporting event?  For now we’ll just have to keep this topic on our collective minds with stuff like the puzzle tool

3 thoughts on “Strange Budgetary Allies

  1. The Rube just balanced the budget in 10 minutes! Cut Foreign aid in half, cut aid to states by 5%. Delay some weapons programs, reduce noncombat military compensation and overhead. Enact Medical Malpractice Reform. Increase the medicare eligibility age to 70. Cap Meicare growth at GDP plus 1 %. Tighten eligibility for diability. Reduce growth of SS for top 40 %. Rasie SS age to 70. Exempt first $3.5 million. Raise capital gains on everyone. Allow expiration of Bush cuts on incomes above $250k, reduce tax breaks for individuals and corporations. Rising tax on carbon emissions. It took The Rube longer to type than to figure out…..The Rube for President or even better El Conquistoador!

  2. The real problem is that nobody has held the damn politicians liable for the decisions they’ve made for the last…..hell ever! Your darn right Beemsville, they’re all terrified to be one term ponies etc. The real kicker is that if they could get the budget balanced with cuts enacted now, even if they ended up being one term ducks, they’d go down in history as heroes for saving this coutnry from itself….and the old people ie. Baby Boomers who created this mess and left it to us to clean up….

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