Junk and Practicality

So we have a Samsung DLP television that’s failing on us.  Six years ago it was a pricey mid-level HD TV we probably shouldn’t have bought, and now, after two trips to the repairman and some parts replacement at home, we’re about to chuck this thing.  A little googling will tell you that the DLP (digital light projection) is a troublesome technology: the final iteration of the big projection models with lots of moving parts, fans, and processors.  Lamps go bad.  Color wheels break. Power arrays and circuit boards quit.  Before long you discover you can keep on fixing the thing or just make major headway on a newer, better model.  These days plasmas and are LCDs relatively cheap and projectors are in the sweet spot for options and price.

But if you’re like me , you can’t help recalling the appliances around the house from your youth.  In our case, an old Zenith television that survived a fire and sat there in the front room for at least fifteen years.  The 70’s-chic kitchen combo (yellow in hue) Mom was loathe to replace, the dreaded water heater and water softener combo that seemed to require constant care and coaxing, the questionably safe toaster oven.  And when we were done with these things we still didn’t junk them – we sold them at a garage sale or gave them away. Continue reading